3 Tab Roofing Shingles Provided by GAF

Proudly installed by Blair Roofing in Charlotte, NC

If you’re looking for the most economical residential roofing solution for your Charlotte, NC home, 3 tab shingles provided by GAF will be your best choice. Below are some of the characteristics of 3 tab basic shingle roofing.

  • Less tabs will be required for full coverage of a residential roof, meaning overall cost will be lower than 3 tab’s counterpart, architectural shingles.
  • All shingle tabs are the same size and shape as opposed to architectural shingles which are composed of varying sizes and shapes cobbled together. Provides a more uniform and congruous look.
  • While Architectural tabs must be overlapped to provide full coverage, 3 tab shingles lay together side by side, providing a look with less depth. This also causes the roofing to be lighter in weight.

Blair Roofing is proud to offer GAF 3 Tab Shingles in two varieties: Marquis WeatherMax┬« Roofing Shingles and Royal Sovereign┬« Roofing Shingles. Click each product to learn more from GAF’s website.

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